Annual yearbook 2018
In STERFs yearbook 2018 you will get a summary of important events during the last year, more information about STERF´s activities and get an up-date of STERF´s ongoing projects.

  Annual yearbook  
Article - SCANGREEN 2015-2018
Results from testing of grass species and varieties, for golf greens in the Nordic countries, during 2015-2018. The first articles are in Norwegian and Swedish - more translations will come.

Article - Societal benefits of multifunctionality
The article "Societal benefits of multifunctional golf facilities" is based on a survey about multifunctional activities on Nordic golf facilities. Contains practical examples that will inspire!

Oslo-seminar presentations available!
The presentations from the international seminar "Sustainability and environmental risks of pesticide use on golf courses" on March 7th, are now available on our webb site.