Advisory committee

"It is important for scientists in countries with similar problems and climates to work together and share research results so that our collective knowledge improves. STERF supports Scandinavian scientists in their efforts to reduce pesticide use in turfgrass systems, understand causes and prevention of winter injury, and solve other problems that are unique to northern climates.  Scientists and turfgrass managers in other countries use STERF-funded research to provide answers to these problems".

Peter Landschoot, Professor in Turfgrass Science, Penn State University, USA.

Advisory committee  

Maria Strandberg, STERF Director (Chair) 
Peter Landschoot, Penn State University (independent international expert) 
Annick Bertrand, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (independent international expert) 
Asbjörn Nyholt (coordinator for golf course consultants/agronomists employed by the Nordic golf federations and Scandinavian greenkeeper associations) 
Nilla Nilsdotter-Linde, SLU (coordinator for researchers at universities/research institutes in the Nordic countries) 

Advisory committee sub-groups  

Consultants and practitioners:

Asbjörn Nyholt
Thomas Jepsen, DGU 
Boel Sandström, SGF 
John Riiber, NGA 
Bjarni Hannesson, ISL 
Jan Hellström, FGA 
Per Sörensen, DGA 
Mikael Lagerstam, SGA
Agne Ström,
Peter Fjällman, EIGA


Nilla Nilsdotter-Linde (coordinator) Researcher, SLU, Sweden 
Arne Tronsmo, NMBU, Norway
Åslaug Helgadottir, Agricultural University of Iceland
Margareta Ihse, Stockholm University
Berit Charlotte Kaae, Copenhagen University, Denmark
Markku Niskanen, LUKE, Finland