Call for proposals 2017-2019

STERF (Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation) is the Nordic golf federations’ joint research body.

The vision of the foundation is:
‘to produce golf courses of a high standard while at the same time ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources and contributing to functioning ecosystems and a healthy environment’

The activities of STERF are intended to lead to improvements in golf course quality, as well as economic and environmental gains.

Applications may fall within two categories:

1. Ordinary research projects
Proposals for ordinary research projects should be written in English and follow the format given below.

2. Large scale trials/demonstrations on golf courses
Proposals for large scale trials / demonstrations on golf courses may be limited to two pages including budget and written in a Scandinavian language.

STERF has reserved about 2 million SEK per year for, 2017, 2018 and 2019  for new ordinary research projects, and about 100.000 SEK for new large scale trials / demonstrations on golf courses.


Deadline for application: December 12th 2016.

Decisions on funding can be expected approximately by March 15th, 2017.

For complete details see PDF-files below!