Thomas Pihl

New greenkeeper representative on the STERF board

Thomas Pihl, Chief Greenkeeper at Furesø Golf Club, just north of Copenhagen,  is the new greenkeeper representative on the STERF board. He takes over after Stefan Nilsson, Vallda Golf & Country Club, Sweden, who has been on the post since 2014.

What would you like to contribute on the STERF board?

- I want to help influence the research so that the greenkeeper gets more tools to deal with the reality with lower budgets and higher wishes and demands of the players. I have always kept track of the research and interested in it. Several times, I and Furesø Golf Club, have participated in STERF funded projects, each time to great advantage. I am familiar with the work that is going on in STERF and have previously been in the reference group which recommends projects for STERF. I think STERF's work is incredibly important, given that our work is more rooted in knowledge, which helps us make better and smarter decisions. These decisions have a bearing on both the finances of the clubs, the environment, and our overall reputation as an industry.