Aquatrols is changing the way the world grows by developing and supplying innovative products and solutions for sustainably managing soil, water, and plant interactions. Since inventing the first soil surfactant in 1955, Aquatrols has been the world’s leading provider of specialty technologies used to optimize the plant growing environment and increase water use efficiency.   
Our company possesses an ongoing commitment to research and education that was instilled by our founder, Robert A. Moore, the research chemical engineer who invented the soil surfactant technology. Research – basic and applied, individual and collaborative – is the foundation for Aquatrols fulfilling its core focus. Our company employs a knowledgeable staff of scientists and researchers dedicated to developing, improving, and supporting each of our products. In addition, we continue to work with universities and research institutions around the world to further understand the dynamics of the soil-water-plant relationship and how to enhance it. 
We believe that optimizing this relationship will contribute to more sustainable use of water and applied inputs, improved soil and plant quality, and better environmental stewardship. 
Partnering with organizations that share a similar vision and commitment is one way that Aquatrols supports both our core focus and the industries we serve. As an Industrial Scientific Partner with STERF, we look forward to identifying and developing more innovative solutions that help to change the way the world grows.