Botanical Analysis Group - Botaniska Analysgruppen i Göteborg AB

The grass in the golf green should be healthy and strong, in order to provide optimal conditions for the play. Several pathogenic fungi exist, that may attack the grass, and sometimes, “good” fungi, that would challenge them in the fight for space and nutrients, are too few. Each of the potentially “evil” fungi are favoured by their own combination of environmental conditions, and should be combatted accordingly; furthermore, they belong to different parts of the fungal family tree and do not respond to the same products. It is rarely possible to identify them on symptoms that are visible to the naked eye, especially during periods of latency.

At our laboratory, we have methods to make an inventory of the different species that exist in turf samples, latent or active, and that may appear at varying situations. With this knowledge, and in dialogue with the green-keeper, we diagnose the turf status, suggest a corrected management, and if necessary, accurate chemical treatment - in the latter case, give advice as to under what circumstances such a treatment is most successful. In cooperation with partner companies and green-keepers, we are also involved in “mini-tests” of products that could increase the number of organisms with a positive effect, prevent the outbreak of disease, or at least reduce infection pressure. During more than 10 years and from examination of thousands of turf samples from the Scandinavian countries, we collected ample experience from varying climatic situations. Since our company originates from University of Gothenburg, and still is located at the University premises, we also have close contact with students and education, e.g., in the supervision of BSc theses, and act as partners in larger research programmes. Regularly, we participate in turf specialist press to present our experiences.