STERFs Industrial Scientific Partner Programme

While STERF is working globally and launching international programmes, it has invited important companies within the sector to become involved in its Industrial Scientific Partner Programme. The aim is to increase the credibility and to implement STERF´s research and development programme, and also to increase financial support for programmes and projects.

The involvement of leading suppliers would also strengthen the important strategy that research and development should be integrated all the way from producer to end-user.

Companies becoming an industrial scientific partner to STERF will be equipped to meet major challenges facing the golf sector, for example climate change, more incisive environmental adaptation, the water challenge, disease and weed control, limited access to natural resources, public ignorance and weak support.

As Industrial Scientific Partner to STERF, companies will gain a whole range of benefits:

  • Access to the leading Research and Innovation Centre in the turfgrass and environmental field.
  • •The opportunity to take part in creating STERF´s research programme through participation in the planning process.
  • Participation in STERF workshops and seminars.
  • A world-wide network of contacts with international universities and centres of research in the golf sector.
  • A contact day to present and discuss the particular company´s strategic development issues.
  • Information via the STERF newsletter and website.
  • Collaboration on research projects and product development.
  • •Contacts with public authorities.

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