ITRC 2021

STERF won the bid for hosting the 14th International Turfgrass and Research Conference in 2021 in Copenhagen. The competition was tough in Beijing, where the 2013 conference was held, but in the end Copenhagen was chosen for 2021!

STERFs director Maria Strandberg and chairman Bruno Hedlund were in Beijing at the ITRC Conference to present the bid and with several good arguments for arranging the venue in 2021;

Why in Scandinavia?

1. The turfgrass industry in the Nordic countries is a role-model regarding responsibility for sustainable societal development,
i.e. to produce managed turfgrass areas of a high standard while at the same time ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources and contributing to functioning ecosystems.

2. Nordic turfgrass research and development is focusing on internationally important key areas where a concerted research and industrial effort is required. These include the pressures from government demands for greater environmental regulation, the increasing pressure on natural resources (notably water, energy and land), the emerging role of turf management in supporting ecosystem services and enhancing biodiversity, the continued need to promote integrated pest management, and the looming challenges posed by a changing climate, and urgent need to adapt.

3. Through STERF, a successful Nordic research and development collaboration has been established including research facilities and expertise in all five Nordic countries. This makes the Nordic turfgrass research and development internationally leading. STERF has initiated interdisciplinary research and development collaborations in Europe, Canada, USA and China, involving both researchers and stakeholders interested in land used for managed turfgrass areas.

4. The middle part of the Nordic countries is located at 59 to 60 degrees Northern latitude, which is the same latitude as Greenland and Alaska. This very northern location gives us unique climatic conditions. Differences in climate between and within each of the five countries create a wide range of turfgrass management strategies.

5. The Nordic turfgrass sector´s ambition, through STERF, is to take a lead in making research results and new knowledge easy accessible to end-users and to provide support to implement changes, which is a prerequisite for achieving improvement in the sustainable management of turfgrass.

Why in Copehagen?

Copenhagen is a pulsating metropolitan capital where fashion and tradition go hand in hand with a safe, efficient, yet exciting environment offering modern meeting facilities, hotels in every category and a plethora of things to see and do. It is the congress capital of Scandinavia, and it's vibrant cultural heart.

The Conference Programme Committee that will draw up the plans for the event consists of:

  • Maria Strandberg, STERF Director and Chair of Conference Programme Committee
  • Bruno Hedlund, STERF Chairman
  • Trygve Aamlid, Turfgrass Research Group, Bioforsk and STERF board member
  • Torben Kastrup Petersen, Danish Golf Union and STERF board member
  • Anne-Mette Dahl Jensen, Forest and Landscape, Copenhagen University

The web site of the ITS can be found here.

The bid that was presented can be found below.